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Somali Folktales by Deqa M. Abdi

Deqa was raised in London and is a poet, a storyteller, a reader, and a passionate writer. She is a mother of three children and has a degree in Education, Culture, and Society from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Deqa author of Stories of Silk


Deqa loves sharing her work through open mic spaces and has worked alongside other brilliant storytellers in London. She particularly loves writing about culture and identity and is vastly inspired by her early childhood, which was spent as a nomad in Somalia.


"I have always been fascinated by my Somali cultural identity, especially its nomadic roots as I was fortunate enough to spend the first seven years of my life that way. It is said that the first 5-7 years of a child’s development are the most important and it is where the groundwork of identity is laid. My early childhood where I ran free, herded cattle, climbed trees, and created art on soft sand along with my beloved sister, has left the most profound impact on who I am and what I care about the most." 


Now, Deqa is the author of the new Somali Folktale Collection Stories of Silk / Sheeko Xariirah:

"It is through paying close attention to the stories that come up in conversations with my elders and sometimes directly asking for stories that I was able to collect and eventually commit these stories to paper. In this way, the stories are also about documenting a part of my family’s history. Stories such as these are the ones we tell and re-retell, so they form an important part of our identities."


Stories of Silk, Somali Folktale Collection 


The collection is a retelling of folktales by Deqa. The English Ebook was launched in August 2020.

"The creative process involved me recording some of the stories in Somali from my elders using my smart-phone and eventually translating these into English along with ones from memory which I picked up along the way. My mother, who is an incredible oral storyteller, is the person from whom I collected most of these tales."



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