The Story of Us (Paperback)
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The Story of Us (Paperback)

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The Story of Us is a collection of 5 short stories about womanhood from a Somali perspective. The collection begins in the homeland and each story follows a different woman's life experience; from being trapped in a loveless marriage, to a young girl reflecting on difficult a breakup. This collection deals with unpacking hurt and loss and what becomes of the generation of Somali women refugees who grow up in the West. The women in this collection have lived through war and depict the aftermath of being at war with yourself. Hanna Ali is able to embody each of these women to show that where there is beauty, there is pain. 




Review by African book blog, Literanda:

"The language in this collection is stunningly lyrical, heart-wrenchingly musical, and unforgivingly real."



Hanna Ali is a Teaching Fellow, PhD Candidate, Artistic Director of Somali Week Festival and Kayd Somali Arts & Culture. About her debut collection, that was published both in Somali and English, she says:

"Through my short stories, I hope that people (Somalis in particular), will connect to feelings of uprootedness and to know that they’re not alone in their life experiences."


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