Reesom Haile

Reesom Haile

"Dr. Reesom Haile was some kind of magic realism, somehow larger than life. So much so that even 17 years after he passed away I still get big smiles and bear hugs from strangers in D.C, Brixton, Matonge and beyond when they find out that I'm 'Gual Reesom!' The simplicity and humour with which he wrote his poems still resonates with so many, uplifting and inspiring Eritreans of all ages and backgrounds. For me, my father represented love, freedom, joy and creativity. He loved his people, his language and his country hard. I hope to revive his poetry so that it reaches new international audiences and that people generations from now will be able to enjoy his writing and hear his voice."

Desta Haile
Daughter of Reesom Haile

Find the collection of poetry by Reesom Haile here.

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