Will you only publish books in Somali and Kinyarwanda?

No, Market FiftyFour aims to publish books in all the major African languages. The next book is for November 2018. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive all the latest info.


Can the book be purchased without a credit card?

Yes, the book can still be purchased without a credit card. Please contact info@marketfiftyfour.com


Why don’t I have access to the audio-book?

If you have purchased the e-book, you will not have access to the audio book. If you have purchased the audio-book and you do not have access, write to us via FacebookInstagramTwitter  or info@marketfiftyfour.com and we will solve your problem within 24hours.


Can I get my book published on Market FiftyFour?

It is possible to send in your manuscript. Contact us through info@marketfifyfour.com to ask for submission guidelines.



Have another question? Write to us! info@marketfiftyfour.com

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