Who We Are

New Platform for African Books

Market FiftyFour is a new platform for the African writer to publish African language Audiobooks and Ebooks - both on the continent and in the diaspora. Get in touch: info@marketfiftyfour.com.

First Publication: Somali Short Stories

The first publication by Market FiftyFour is Sheekadii Noloshayada (The Story of Us) a collection of short stories - published in Somali & English - by Hanna Ali. A collection of short stories on complexities of Somali culture, blackness, womanhood, family and so much more. Also available in print.

Second Publication: Kinyarwanda Poetry

Four poems in Kinyarwanda by the legendary Cecile Kayirebwa. These poems in Rwanda’s language capture important aspects of this nation’s beautiful history. These poems have also been performed as songs by Cecile Kayirebwa.

Lack of African Books

The lack of available and limited access to new books in African languages means millions of Africans will never be exposed to new African literature and thousands of African storytellers will never be discovered.

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