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Book blog description: To encourage and inspire a new generation of readers to diversify their bookshelves.

"A harrowing, incredible, thought-provoking collection that leaves an impact on you. I can’t express how utterly mesmerised and astounded I was by it."
"Hanna Ali’s writing was beautiful and captivating. She gave you just enough of each character to help the reader to empathise before moving onto the next story."
"Hanna Ali made me question my own privilege."

Nadine Reads

Book Blog Description: Mostly reading things written by women and writers of colour  ✌🏽✨
“Sharmarke” explores the life of a young girl forced to marry a much older man - this was my favourite story by far."
"My only criticism is that I wish there was more of it!!" 

Glued To The Page

Glued To The Page is reading books from every country in the world and wrote this as part of her The Story of Us review:
"I really enjoyed this, the writing is excellent - so rich and descriptive. I definitely recommend it."

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Hanna Ali, Story of Us, Paperback, MarketFiftyFour


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