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Habesha Care Packages & Market FiftyFour

Our Ethiopian books and Eritrean poetry collection are currently being sold as part of the Habesha Care Packages, presented by Selam L’Ethiopia.

Learn more about the person behind this initiative: Selam Amare, Social Entrepreneur & Organizer of Azmari Bet London

 Selam Amare, Azmari Bet & Habesha Care Packages

What are the Azmari Bet events in London, and why did you start it?

The concept was to recreate the experience of an Azmari Bet, a traditional club hidden away in the back streets of Ethiopia where musicians entertain and amuse. I found that there was a missing gap in terms of cultural entertainment; there are restaurants and clubs but nothing in between. Azmari Bet cultural entertainment in London - several times hosted at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, London - aims to highlight established habesha artists in the community. By working closely with local independent artists, Azmari Bet became a platform supporting up-and-coming artists. A cultural traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean evening was curated. The events are inclusive and attract an intergenerational audience. It’s amazing to see the gap between the diaspora and the first generation of Ethiopians. Find photos of previous event here.


Azmari Bet, Rich Mix, Krar Collective  

In the meantime you’re doing Habesha Care Packages. Tell us more about this initiative that highlights small Ethiopian businesses.

The next Azmari Bet was due to be held in May but was canceled due to Covid-19. This has been a challenging time for everyone but has also provided us with the opportunity to be creative and to think outside of the box. My network has expanded extensively with Azmari Bet so I wanted to use my existing connections with businesses and start-ups to help market their products through these specially designed care packages. 


Bundle 2: Habesha Care Package + Reesom Haile Market FiftyFour


What are the packages that you have on offer and how can people order these?

There are a number of packages, including different products.

Bundle 1 is currently sold out.

Bundle 2 includes Shiro, Coffee and Poems by Reesom Haile.

Bundle 3 includes an Ethiopian scarf, Teff Pasta and the paperback of Muna & Abebe..



https://selamleethiopia.com/ to find out more.



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