Hanna Ali at AfricaWrites

Powerful discussion on Somali culture

The English book launch of Hanna Ali at AfricaWrites was insightful, emotional and powerful. The best audience joined the session and shared personal experiences.

If you were not able to attend the English launch of The Story of Us by Hanna Ali, then enjoy this video. This video, produced by the amazing Abdirahman Omar Abdi, doesn’t only show you what you missed on June 30 – but also features an interview with Hanna:


African women writing the stories we need

Thank you to Numbi Arts for hosting the panel at The British Library. And, to AfricaWrites – the Royal African Society Annual Literature Festival - for creating a platform to discuss short stories by African women writers discussing short stories about being Somali, belonging, home and more.

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Get your Somali short stories

The Story of Us is available as Ebook in two languages: English and Somali. The same collection of short stories is also available as a Somali language audiobook: Sheekadii Noloshayada. Get your copy for $3,50 and share with us if you enjoyed the stories.


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