Kinyarwanda Poetry

Rwandan artist Cecile Kayirebwa is to publish four works in Kinyarwanda on Market FiftyFour!

Cecile Kayirebwa

Cecile Kinyarwanda Poetry

Cecile has spent half a century singing and praising the beauty of Rwanda and its rich culture. With her lifelong mission to promote and transmit cultural heritage, Market FiftyFour is proud to add her work to the collection.

Collecting Rwandese Culture & History

Cecile: "I have tracked ancient traditional texts that were buried in museum archives in Europe and travelled the country to collect the memory from our last living carriers of cultures and knowledge: the elders who hold all the secrets of Rwanda. Many are already long gone and those still remaining will not be there for much longer, taking their secrets with them. Their knowledges is invaluable and priceless because each day an elder is gone, is a library that burns, taking their secrets with them forever."

Kinyarwanda Poetry 

In her poetry, Cecile always captures the real unaltered essence of Rwandan traditional poetry, music and melodies. The poetry will also be available in English and French. This publication is possible through our partnership with AFROGROOV


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