Book Club #2

Market FiftyFour is excited to be part of the next Wada Network Book Club with Literary Natives for another interactive event on the 19th of January in a cosy coffee shop and community space Coffee Afrique in Dalston.

African diaspora fiction, film and poetry

We will be exploring narratives of coming of age in modern African diaspora fiction, film, and poetry. The aim of afternoon is to foster a space where attendees can interact with the featured short film, poems and short stories and talk about these themes in relation to their own coming of age experiences. Our previous book club event allowed attendees to participate and share their stories as well as meeting other people who love to read and talk about books.


  • Mo Ali, Director

  • Salma Ibrahim, Short Story Writer, Novelist-in-progress and Founder of Literary Natives

  • Abdi Bahdon, Poet

*Attendees will be sent complementary digital copies of the short stories, short films, and poems.*

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Book Club #2



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