This week in Brussels!

Eritrean book launch: collection of poems by the legendary Eritrean poet Reesom Haile!

We are delighted to announce that Market FiftyFour and the Reesom Haile family are publishing a collection of poems by Eritrean writer and poet, Reesom Haile.

It will take place Friday, Feb 28, at the Den Teirling, Rue Maes 89, 1050 Ixelles. Starting 18:30, it will be an evening featuring readings of fiction & poetry in various languages, alongside spoken word performances, book launches and a panel on intimacy & love. Drinks will be served at the bar. In collaboration with Bib Sans Souci.


Desta Haile, a British-Eritrean vocalist and educator, and Zelly Lisanework, a British-Ethiopian poet, writer, artist, launch two books hot off the press. Desta launches Alewuna/Alewana Everything We Have: A Selection of Poems by her father, the late Reesom Haile, Eritrea internationally known poet, in collaboration with Market FiftyFour; While Zelly, launches Tikur Engeda: Queer Stories from Ethiopia, which she edited. Chaired by Ethiopian-Dutch editor, Seada Nourhussen.

More info HERE.

Market FiftyFour, Asmara-Addis Literature Festival

The Asmara-Addis Literary Festival (In Exile): A vagabond international literary festival with pan-African roots
Edition II: Pure Art is An Abstraction
27-28 Feb

Launching at the spectacular venue of Muziekpublique, Théâtre Molière, in the heart of Matonge, this year’s edition, the Asmara-Addis Literary Festival (In Exile) will explore the boundaries between art and literature, and how these divides might be more illusionary and arbitrary than real. Growing bigger from a successful launch last year, the festival will welcome talent with backgrounds in thirty different countries (eighteen of them in Africa) & we will hear words spoken in more than ten African, Asian & European languages. The festival will feature readings, panels, book launches, music performances, an exhibition and artwork through a series of events headlined by a cast of acclaimed writers, musicians, poets, and artists, as well as students from the creative writing academy for refugees & asylum seekers. 

The Asmara-Addis Literary Festival (In Exile) founded by Eritrean-Ethiopian-British author, Sulaiman Addonia

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