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Hanna Ali's The Story of Us: A Collection of Short Stories on Somali Womanhood (eBook)

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The Story of Us is an emotionally charged collection of 5 short stories about womanhood, told from a Somali perspective. The collection delves deep into the life experiences of different Somali women, starting from their homeland. These stories portray the struggles of women trapped in loveless marriages, and the pain of young girls dealing with difficult breakups.

The author, Hanna Ali, captures the pain and loss that comes with unpacking difficult experiences, including the aftermath of being at war with oneself. The women in this collection have lived through the horrors of war and depict the journey of Somali women refugees who grew up in the West.

This book is a powerful testament to the resilience and beauty of Somali women, showing that beauty and pain can coexist.

Get your copy of this must-read E-book today. This book is also published in Somali.


A 4-star review by Afrikult:

"Hanna Ali’s debut short story collection is skillfully crafted."

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