Kɔ̃mi kɛ Kenaŋ Sane: Ghanaian Children's Book in Ga
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Kɔ̃mi kɛ Kenaŋ Sane: Ghanaian Children's Book in Ga

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Leebi ko lɛ, Kɔmi kɛ kenaŋ eba Akwei kɛ Naa tsine. Amɛ mli ntao ni amɛtsɛ kɔmi yeli kɛ numɔ.

Join Akwei and Naa on an adventure in this Ghanaian children's E-book, "The Kenkey Party". Perfect for 5 to 10-year-old foodies, this book takes readers on a journey where the duo sets out to have a Kenkey party, but they face a problem – no fish.

Through the story, children will not only enjoy the adventure but also learn about the process involved in preparing a meal of kɔmi, shito, and fried fish, to which the whole community contributes.

This delightful Ghanaian book, written by Oyoo Nii-Owoo and illustrated by Efua Okine, explores the origins of Kenkey, which evolved from the English word "cornmeal" to "kɔmi". The E-book is in the Ga language, and it's best read out loud by both adults and children.

Get your hands on "The Kenkey Party" eBook today and enjoy a fun-filled journey with Akwei and Naa!

This E-book is also available in English.

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