Book Club!

Book Club 

Hanna Ali | Wada Network | Literary Natives | Coffee Afrique  | Market Fiftyfour

An afternoon to talk with Hanna Ali and a chance to ask her questions about her stories, her journey, her writing and share your reading experience!

The aim of Book Club is to meet with other people who love to read and talk about books. It is hoped that through this, we will share, grow, widen our knowledge and along the way hopefully make some new friends too! 😊

Book Club | October | Coffee Afrique | Dalston



Ebook & Audiobook

Hanna's short stories are available in English & Somali, Ebook & Audiobook.

Sheekadii Noloshayada: Let yourself be swayed by Susu Amina’s mesmerizing voice, as she truly honours Hanna Ali’s prose. This audiobook combines the talents of two amazing Somali women.

The Story of Us: Four short stories that speak to your world and heart. All the complexities of Somaliness, blackness, womanhood, family and so much more. Delve yourself into the ephemeral words of the great Hanna Ali.


Book Club tickets

Ticket 1 - Book Club entree and Somali Audiobook Sheekadii Noloshayada. Buy now.

Ticket 2 - Book Club entree and English Ebook The Story of Us. Buy now.

Tickets can also be purchased through Eventbrite.

Book Club Ticket | October

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