Interview with Market FiftyFour

A few weeks ago, the online bookshop Books + Cardamom interviewed Marthe, founder of Market FiftyFour. The interview covers everything related to this platform that publishes books, stories and poetry in African languages.

Please note....the interview is in Dutch!


We translated one part into English:

Books+Cardamom: Why did you decide to publish digital books?
Market FiftyFour: Everyone has a mobile phone and uses the internet. By offering E-books and audio book we are able to keep prices low so that it's affordable to buy a book. For example: The paperback of The Story of Us by Hanna Ali is being sold at an average price. But, if you purchase the E-book or the audio book the book is only 3,50USD. We also offer the stories separately instead of the full collection. Meaning the price is even lower and there are stories on offer for every budget.


Read the full interview HERE.

Marthe, founder of Market FiftyFour


About Books + Cardamom

Books + Cardamom was founded by Laura. The bookshop represents a variety of people, traditions and cultures. Laura started the online bookshop after her many travels across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Laura: "During my visits, my usual perspectives completely changed and were replaced by new ones. Similarly, literature from all over the world offers so much knowledge and wisdom."

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